Blog One: Child Prodigies

All have heard about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as musical child prodigy.  And rightly so.  He was composing authentically original and highly creative and worthy works before the age of eight.  However, naming any other specific and genuine child prodigies, in any field of human endeavor, is already a challenge.

And we are talking about child prodigies.  We are talking about those under the age of ten, not adolescents in their teens, that have mastered their craft.

Part of the challenge is that there are, perhaps oddly, genuine child prodigies in only three fields:  music, mathematics, and chess.  And why so?  Because these are areas in which no outside observation or maturation is needed.  These are self-enclosed fields in which one may progress at phenomenal rates by sheer native genius and painstaking study and application.

There never was nor will be, for example, a child prodigy novelist or film director.  The reason is now too obvious to state.  It was just stated above.  The same would apply for any other field outside of the three listed above.

Fascinating to contemplate, and also to dispute about when one attempts to argue for a prodigy in any other arena.


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